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About Green Stream - Green Stream Technologies Inc.
About Green Stream2019-07-26T03:51:25+00:00
Environmental flooding in Norfolk

Who We Are

We are an environmental technologies firm. We help build safer more resilient communities through the power of smart technology.

Our first product is an autonomous flood sensor network. We let people know when and where the roads are flooded, tell them how deep it is, and when it’s getting better. With better awareness, we can reduce the number of cars and lives lost to driving through flood water.

We also collect micro-local flood data so authorities can make better decisions and better predictions about flooding on the ground.

We are contributing to the smart cities movement by combining Internet of Things technology with remote sensors, advanced electronics, distributed power, cloud computing and data science.

Our vision is to use our platform to provide micro-local environmental information for a more informed public, more automated and more thorough environmental assessments, and smarter, safer more resilient communities.


The mission of Green Stream is to use the power of technology to help create smarter, safer, more resilient communities. In our early stages, we are focusing on environmental monitoring.


Jim Gray
Jim is President and CEO. Jim is an electrical engineer and systems engineer with long experience as an engineering consultant in Washington DC and at Virginia Tech. Jim is originally from Portsmouth, Virginia and now lives in Norfolk.
Email: jim.gray@greenstream.com

Gary Harper
is a technician with expertise in electronics, marine solutions and weather-resistant materials with long experience building solutions for the US Navy. Gary lives in Chesapeake, Virginia.
Email: gary.harper@greenstream.com

Karen Lindquist
worked in business education and consulting in Europe before settling in Norfolk, Virginia.
Email: karen.lindquist@greenstream.com

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